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Join me in my efforts to support The 27th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Hello my Fans, Friends, Supporters and Sponsors,

As you may have notice I am a very strong supporter of AIDS Walk Los Angeles. I have been raising money for AIDS Walk Los Angeles benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles. Since 2003 when I created our team Diversity News 3960 with the great support of my company Diversity News Publications and until this day, my obligation to give back continues, but I can not do it alone, so I am asking you to please sponsor me by making an online donation to this great cause.
So please visit my page at

Thank you for supporting AIDS Walk Los Angeles benefiting APLA. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


Esteban “Steven” Escobar
Diversity News 3960 or Diversity News Team 3960

Marina BerBeryan Gets Nasty with Steven Escobar on Facebook and now Regrets It!

My Fans, Readers and Friends,

I can not believe that Marina BerBeryan got nasty and in public via Facebook. I thought this women have class but I was wrong.  Please read her comment she posted on Facebook on October 11, 2011 which she deleted, too bad I have made a copy of it. 
Here you go read how this “Stylist Tread People” Only because I spoke my mind saying to photographer Travis Jourdain the she do not have money to pay him for a private photo shoot section. She gets CRAZY and Fire UP.

You know Marina BerBeryan and other people in Hollywood show off and want FREEBYS all the times.

“Steven Escobar- Wow! Why would you say something disrespectful like that?! You sure know how to show your class! Then again, coming from you I am not going to take it as an insult since you have an IQ of an @ss! Don’t forget when you posted an article on my FB’s wall bunch of producers, celebs and editors made awful remarks about your article. They laughed at you, since it was so poorly written due to your language barrier and I actually stood up for you. Hahahah…. you are pathetic and despicable! People like you have no respect for the needy! I hope you never succeed! If I were you, I’d get a tattoo on your forehead written “LOSER” ! Oh wait, you won’t need that, you already have it written all over your face! FYI my watch costs more than the car you drive that’s if you have one! You don’t even know me you dork! You have seen me once or twice @ an event to cover a story that I was involved in- So, don’t you even forget that! You really, really should have not embarrassed yourself by posting that ! Get a life Steven! And if you ever need a job you can come scrub my bathroom floors! Enjoy your day!” said Marina BerBeryan.

Please leave your comments on this blog no where else. Thank you.

UPDATE: Marina BerBeryan Gets Nasty with Steven Escobar on Facebook and now Regrets It! This Marina BerBeryan BITCH continues complaining to Blogger about this post. She started all this and now she needs to deal it with.