Justin Bieber new haircut Look, does he looks like Comedian KATE CLINTON

I do not think he looks like lesbian, he only wanted a new look and change. Hey the kid got $$$$ so he can make him self over and over many times as he wants. Justin Bieber ROCKS all my way.

What do you think Justin Bieber fans? Do you like his new look? or their is a new kid in the Block already better then him? 

The below statement came from our media friend: www.estergoldberg.com published 2-22-2011.

Until his testicles drop..he WILL be confused as a LESBIAN..
he looks like the fabulous Funny lesbian comedian KATE CLINTON..
Hey KATE you have you left in Canada?
Beibercut  KateClinton

Source: via www.estergoldberg.com

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